"Electrifyingly new and strangely familiar at the same time. With his mix of modern sounds and old-fashioned feeling, Raymond is steering jazz in the right direction." (Downbeat Magazine)

"A prepossessing young trumpet player" (New York Times)

"The unpredictability and unaffected assurance of Minneapolis-born trumpeter John Raymond’s flexible lines have made him one of the most compelling new talents to come along in a while." (Arts Fuse)

"Raymond is a trumpeter of bright clarity and subtle panache. His shift to flugelhorn for Real Feels highlights both of those attributes." (JazzTimes Magazine)

"Possessing a forte that few seasoned musicians have attained...a brilliant talent whose luminosity is endless" (Birmingham Times)

"Raymond's trumpet voice Immediately separates him from the pack" (All About Jazz)

"A rapidly maturing artist with his own artistic vision." (Jazz Police)

"This is jazz, yes, but jazz with a very open mind." (Something Else)

"Raymond leads the way with sure-handed tonality and this band can easily become one of the hallmark groups in the business." (New York City Jazz Record)

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August 2016 DownBeat Critics Poll: "John Raymond included in Rising Star Trumpet Category" VIEW POLL

May 12, 2016 WBGO "The Checkout:" John Raymond's Real Feels by Simon Rentner

A live, in-studio performance and interview with Real Feels. LISTEN

January 20, 2016 The Gospel Coalition: "How Jazz Music Teaches Us To Trust God" by Bethany Jenkins

"God has used jazz to teach me to trust his grace, let go of my grasp, and live moment by moment through the Spirit. And this hasn't just shaped how I play music; it has also shaped how I parent, how I teach and more." READ MORE

June 11, 2015 Behind The Note Podcast: "The Freelancing Musician with John Raymond"

Tips on freelancing as a jazz musician, thoughts on entrepreneurship and reflections from the recording process. READ MORE

April 23, 2015 Burning Ambulance: "John Raymond 'Foreign Territory'"

An interview about the influences & themes behind "Foreign Territory," as well as thoughts on jazz education. READ MORE

April 16, 2015 All About Jazz: “Take Five with John Raymond"

In which I answer questions about my teachers, my Desert Island picks, and what I think are “some of the essential requirements to keep jazz alive and growing.” READ MORE


April 2016 DownBeat Magazine: "★★★★1/2 Star Review" by Ken Micallef

"Making a joyful improvisational noise, Raymond's trio of guitarist Gilad Hekselman and drummer Colin Stranahan swings spiritually and blissfully on the trumpeter's muscular third CD." READ MORE

Feb 3, 2016 Jazz Police: “ ‘Real Feels’ (2016): The Roots of Success for John Raymond" by Andrea Canter

"Without piano or bass, the music has a raw edge, providing a fresh immediacy regardless of the tune’s origins in medieval England, Appalachia, bebop or contemporary rock." READ MORE

July 2015 DownBeat Magazine: "Player's Feature: John Raymond, Seeking Tension" by Dan Ouellette

"The new album illustrates a forward-thinking aesthetic. 'I want to keep exploring...I want to say something that's simple, profound and emotional. I want to make music that's honest." READ MORE

June 20, 2015 Icon Magazine: "Review, John Raymond Convinces in Foreign Territory" by Nick Bewsey

"It's the collective sound that gives the music on Foreign Territory its substance, conjoined with Raymond's authorial confidence that gives his decisive music a seasoned glow." READ MORE

June 13, 2015 The Australian: "Review: John Raymond, 'Foreign Territory’" by John McBeath

"The compositions are creative, well played and arranged, without trying to be world-shattering, and Raymond’s playing provides interest and spontaneity." READ MORE

May 5, 2015 New York Times: "Review: John Raymond, Uncovering the Possibilities of the Familiar” by Nate Chinen

[“Foreign Territory”] is an album about finding new possibilities within a recognizable framework; it’s more rational than radical, with a thoughtful relationship to mainstream convention. It’s also a substantial leap forward for Mr. Raymond." READ MORE

May 2015 DownBeat Editors’ Picks: “John Raymond, 'Foreign Territory’ by Brian Zimmerman

"With his warm, vibrant tone and near-flawless articulation, Raymond’s solos jump out of the mix with clarity and grace. They avoid needless flourishes and extraneous ideas, captivating instead with their sincerity & wit."  READ MORE

May 4, 2015 Revive Music: "Track-By-Track-Analysis: John Raymond 'Foreign Territory' "

Thoughts of mine on each track of "Foreign Territory." READ MORE

March 2, 2012 All About Jazz: "Review: John Raymond, 'Strength & Song' by Dan Bilawsky

"'Strength & Song' signals the arrival of an exciting new trumpet personality poised for greater things." READ MORE

February 2012 NextBop: "The Next Generation of Jazz: An Interview with John Raymond" by Jared Bailey

"The bigger purpose for me being a musician...lies in the relationships I get to develop with people. I really think it's here [that] we're able to connect with someone on a deeper level and develop a bond that goes even beyond the music."  READ MORE


Since 2012, Minneapolis-based journalist Pamela Espeland and I have met regularly for a series of long-form interviews. These times have yielded discussions about music, personal life lessons, my faith, my upbringing, disappointments I've had as an emerging artist, the music business, reflections on fatherhood and much more. These conversations offer unique snapshots into each phase of my career, and I am indebted to Pamela for her interest in my trajectory as an artist and a person.

January 24, 2016 bebopified: “John Raymond talks about Real Feels, lessons learned from Billy Hart, and being a new dad" by Pamela Espeland

"When I think about playing with this band, and the band itself, it feels very authentic to who I am...a lot of people have told me they don’t really like jazz, but they love this band." READ MORE

July 21, 2015 MinnPost: “Jazz trumpeter John Raymond brings ‘Foreign Territory’ home to Minnesota” by Pamela Espeland

"What we're going after is to be honest, spontaneous and in the moment. When you really have to use your ears and trust each other on the bandstand, exciting things can hapen." READ MORE

September 10, 2014 bebopified: “John Raymond talks about intensity, disappointment, and his new Roots Trio" by Pamela Espeland

"I’ve learned so much about how to take care of the music, and how to invest the heart and soul of my energy into that...I can already sense that things are very different from me than they were three years ago." READ MORE

March 24, 2012 bebopified: “John Raymond talks about his music, his faith and his new CD” by Pamela Espeland

"I didn’t set out to make an overtly "Christian jazz" album. I want to make music. But for me, the “Strength and Song” title and all of this music is a statement about who I am musically, and I think it should also be a statement about who I am personally." READ MORE