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Hello and thank you for reading this section. My name is John Meyer Raymond and I come from the United States. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I started my career here. At first, I started with simple music and simple gigs. But, thanks to many fans I soon started getting real invitations to prestigious events all around the country and the world.

Now, I am one of the leading musicians in the country and I am having world tours where people from all parts of the globe can enjoy my music. Are you one of them?


Here are my concerts or better said my future concerts I will want to share with you and also invite you to come. All of them are professionally organized and I guarantee you the best time in your life. Each concert is designed specifically for a targeted country or city and each one has an amazing experience to offer. Be my guest and see what I am talking about right now. Be free to check my future gigs and concerts on the corresponding page.

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August, 2021
This is the city where it all started and this is a place where I feel like at home because it is my home. I have prepared the biggest concert in 2021 and the one that will impress you, period. Come and listen to music, party with your friends and so much more. It is all possible.
September, 2021
This is another, a massive concert I and my colleagues have been working on. It is one of the most popular and one of the most desirable things I have to offer at the moment. Make sure to come here and let’s party together. We are expecting thousands of people from Europe.
October 2021
Everything must be perfect in Las Vegas, so I am preparing another concert that should stand out from the crowd and should impress you. We are already developing some technicalities and we are working on massive improvements that will put a smile on your face and make you want to stay here.

All new songs

Here you can take a look at the new songs I wrote and composed for you. Take your time and enjoy.

All the songs are about love, passion, life and so much more. I am always trying to focus my music on the most impressive things from the human world and to help you deduce your purpose.

My music will relax you, push your emotions in overdrive and so much more. All of these are just the basics and I have been working on many additional things and elements that will soon become available in my new songs. Don’t forget to have fun and find a song you will love.

I will continue making one of a kind music and I will provide you the best time in your life, when you come and visit me on my concerts. It is something I am proud at and something that will help you understand me.

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All night playing of all my songs.

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Club gig that can be performed anywhere.



If you want to learn how to create music.



A completely new album according to your needs.


What others have to say

‘’I have been on several concerts and I had a great time. It is something special and something impressive, period.’’
Joanna McClain,
‘’Thank you so much. I and my friends had a great time and we would like to hear your music again and again. We have been following you on all your concerts. Great music.’’ J
ohn Smith,
‘’There is no issue here. My experience was and will stay impressive and I am happy to finally find a musician who can provide precisely this to me.’’
Jenifer Oliv,

What others have to say

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